5 Simple Techniques For Dr. Adil Baguirov

four) In spite of myself delivering a number of important verses from unique epic poems of Nizami, which as opposed to others I provide more fuller citation and attribution, making it simpler to confirm and usually, in a more academic, orderly way, They are really consistently taken out and purged from Wikipedia by Mr. Doostzadeh and his supporters – although I have never deleted the one-sided, taken from context estimate about Iran, away from regard for all of Nizami’s heritage.

Эту же мысль подчеркивает Е.Э.Бертельс: «все авторы охарактеризованной группы, начиная с Катрана, обнаруживают известную общность стиля.

also, I feel we could all agree that Nezami was not Turkic, that is easy. Now the issue is whether or not to lable him persian or not. If it had been as many as me and it he west had not adopted the phrase persia when refering to iran, I might lable him as Iranian, but The truth is that we cannot try this without having hurting irans record. Grandmaster, you feel incredibly educated, and you need to know the west will not affiliate the phrase Iran with Irans background which matches under Persia.

In truth Azerbaijani and USSR Students produced numerous Fake verses and attributed to Nizami with Bogus meanings. If Nizami was mad within the Shirvanshah, he would not less than say 1 line of negativity (convey the first Persian) about him, whereas he has 90 strains praising him! Indeed it is unhappy when an individual like Mr. Baguirov cannot read through Persian or else I'm not confident just after looking through the 90 traces of praises, he would believe such Fake stories.

Mr. Doostzadeh looks to have a good deal of time on his hands to drum-up his lengthy accusations and statements. Simply by reversing the Concepts and assertions place ahead by this writer (genuine accusations of bias and racism when it comes to Azerbaijani record and historic figures within the Element of these kinds of chauvinists as Mr. Doostzadeh), he could Consider he did smth deserving of remaining happy with. Mr. Doostzadeh is way outside of his league when he tends to make but more irrelevant, baseless and groundless assertions about “Azarbaijani Chavaunism” (sic!

This is the solid assertion. If I was a extremely-nationalist like Mr. Baguirov I might declare Nizami for a Persian and use these kinds of statements and after that we might go forwards and backwards. The reality is that Nizami has no verse contacting his father any ethnicity and so we must do as Encyclopedia Britannica does. And Incidentally when judging a Persons ethnicity, we do not use twelfth century criteria these days, but the modern time, where by the two woman and male lineage are crucial (as a result of female suffrage). Additionally lots of Students have called Nizami Persian and Iranian, and so I usually do not desire to convey this fight backwards and forwards.

one) No one has the proper to delete any reality-dependent, fully cited and attributed data or quotes from possibly Nizami himself or effectively-known lecturers and Students on that concern, Specifically Russian, Azerbaijani, Jewish, Ukrainian, and in general Soviet – which have produced by far the most significant exploration on Nizami’s heritage during the twentieth century, generating the most entire Tutorial editions of Nizami’s all five epic poems (Khamse, which can be an Arabic phrase Incidentally). Quite simply, anyone who won't know Russian language and is not accustomed to the investigate and scholarly operates of Russian-language academics is very seriously and negatively affected.

Mr. Adil isn't going to realize that no less than indo-Iranians exactly where in the region Because the time of Mittani. The initial mentioning of Persians/Medes (who spoke basically exactly the same language as attested by Strabo with slight seem variations) in the area is websites 832 B.

Also, why was this even required when Azerbaijanis were not just “weak” in poets – we have great Fuzuli (Fizuli) and Nasimi (Nesimi), not to mention handful of Some others? Moreover, Why don't you conceal the ethnic track record of Yet another great Azerbaijani poet – Khagani Shirvani – whose father’s (Tat or normally of Iranian origin) and mother’s (Greek, Nestorian) ethnicity was community expertise and Plainly spelled out in all books I’ve noticed. The place’s the “bias” listed here, why was it only to Nizami?

who was chief from the Parni, a member tribe of the Dahae confederation, need to have begun his struggle against the Seleucids from 247 BC, the year from which the Parthians dated their background. This doesn't essentially mean that Arsaces was crowned king in 247.

The situation once again could be the USSR historiography which isn't trusted In regards to ethnic challenges. In truth most of the very same USSR scholars also made an effort to present Nizami Ganjavi as anti-Islam. And some scholars have taken the above couplets to indicate that Shirvanshah were not gonna be stingy, like Mahmud of Ghazna was to Ferdowsi. Other scholars have basically taken it incredibly basically without attachments.

The Qom problem is thought of as demonstrated and closed (much like Holocaust, Although some need to dispute it) – that line is fake. Because some nevertheless adhere towards the outdated and Bogus information, doesn’t mean we have to stick to it, as evidence is evident – that line is not existing in more mature manuscripts. If click now among new Students Meisami wasn't mindful of it or mechanically place old data in her 1995 book, that’s not grounds for stating that Nizami could even now be from Qom. Let's not overlook that Meisami herself is Iranian.

All over again a number of arguments is usually manufactured, but eventually there is no immediate reference on the ethnicity of his father, and so your POV can't be pushed, specially considering that not merely Western Students of Persian have not approved it, but furthemore it's been rebuked by numerous Iranian experiments Students once the breakup with the USSR. That may be why Tajiks ended up forced to state Nizami was an Azarbaijani in the USSR era (they couldn't argue due to the fact Mr. Stalins words were just about complete there), but now they say He's Tajik.

Curiously, Baguirov “was elected to Dayton’s college or university board, a placement visit he held ideal until finally 2017, when he resigned greater than per month previous to the tip of his time frame proper immediately after close by activist David Esrati learned that he appeared to possess lied about his domestic deal with.”

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